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The Review

This website lives up to its name, embedded with videos celebrating American Sign Language and Deaf culture. The videos are of high quality and caliber, engaging the viewer in an immersive signing experience.

The website provides several resources, one of which is their ‘Library’ page containing all of the videos. People of all ages and signing levels can enjoy, learn from, and/or analyze the videos. The ‘Library’ page has five sections: ASLized Originals, Community Assets, The Journal of American Sign Language and Literatures, ASL Choice, and the Glossary. Each section serves a specific purpose but all pertain to the concept of sign language as a complex linguistic system.

Young children can enjoy stories from ASLIZED Originals while teenagers can learn about Deaf history in Community Assets. Those interested in language use and research will find peer-reviewed scholarly videos in the Journal of American Sign Language and Literature (JASLL). The innovative concept of videobooks is a  novel addition to the website. Because this is a fully bilingual website, beginning signers can still enjoy these videos since many have subtitles. Parents of deaf children can learn more about sign language and the Deaf community. All in all, ASLized transforms the typical sign language website into a natural language environment for anyone looking for a true ASL experience.

In a nutshell

  • Appeals to all ages

  • Primarily ASL-based

  • Offers scholarly resources

More Information

  • Author/Lead Developer: Elsie and Suzanne Stecker

  • Signer(s): Multiple Deaf Signers

  • Subtitles

  • For all ages and signing skills levels