ASL Nook


The Review

ASL Nook is entertaining and family friendly. A family of deaf parents with a deaf child and a hearing child delivers videos in sign language. The intent is clear: to bring together two worlds, ASL and English, hearing and Deaf.  Both parents have a strong background in advocacy, communications, and bilingual literacy. 

The videos, whether they be topic, story, or music based, are for everyone to enjoy. They are easily accessible via the family’s website and Facebook page ( Additional videos are also available via the preview menu. There is an option to subscribe to the most recent videos.

The family's charisma  is apparent. This is a great language model for children and an even greater one for families since the videos subtly indicate best practices for conversing in ASL such as role shifting, slightly exaggerated facial expressions, and eye gazing.

Although keywords are signed and there is printed English on the screen, most of the videos are not captioned. Therefore, it may be difficult for beginners to follow the signed conversations between keywords, but this is still a good resource for children and families acquiring sign language.

In sum, this is a great resource for signing children and families. It is quite easy to use the videos to reinforce what children may have already learned. The signers have a lot of energy, which is important when engaging with children.

In a nutshell:

  • People of all ages would enjoy this website, but it is especially useful for children and their families who are learning sign language
  • ASL signs with key printed words are shown in videos
  • Not all of the signs are captioned/subtitled, which may be difficult for novice signers
  • Engaging for children
  • High quality video
  • Language resource
  • Captions could be added for the  signs that are not accompanied by printed words on videos.
  • Accessible on the family’s webpage and Facebook page
  • Subscription option available

More Information

  • Publisher/Producer: Sheena McFeely
  • Author/Lead Developer: Sheena McFeely
  • Signer(s): Sheena McFeely, Manny Johnson, Shaylee Mansfield, Ivy Mansfield
  • Website and Facebook
  • Format: Videotaped signers
  • Features:
    • Videotaped signs of parents and children
    • English text for key signs