The Review

“Opposites” is one of three books in Garlic Press’ Young Signers series. This board book contains ten common word pairs that foster receptive and expressive sign language skills for young learners, both deaf and hearing.

The illustrations are clear and easy to follow. There is diversity in the book: children of all races are represented. A colorful photograph accompanies each sign. The illustrated signers are understandable: it is easy to tell where the signs start, in what direction they move, which hand stays still, and which hand moves. However, quite a few signs do not correspond with their accompanying photographs. 

For example, on the fourth page, the photograph represents  a concept of size (“short” as in a short dog), whereas  the signed illustration represents a temporal concept (“short” as in a short time).  These errors are consistent throughout the book, undermining its credibility. 

The Young Signers series is geared toward young children, regardless of their hearing status. The people who wrote this book are clearly unfamiliar with the rules of ASL and the tenets of the Deaf community because ASL is used incorrectly in almost half of the book and deaf people are called “hearing impaired.”  This product falls short with respect to accuracy. I would not recommend buying this book. 

In a nutshell:

  • Several inaccurate signs with corresponding photographs
  • Intended for young children regardless of hearing status
  • Illustrations are easy to follow  but monotonous  
  • Ten common word pairs

More Information

  • Publisher: Garlic Press
  • Author: Stan Collins
  • Illustrators: Jane Schneider and Kathy Kifer
  • Board Book
  • Type: Dictionary/Vocabulary
  • Year: 2006