Let's Eat!


The Review

Let’s Eat! is a cute and simple board book that contains signs for popular food-related words.

The book illustrates a signer who is of a minority group, which is not often seen in ASL resources. This will help young deaf children feel represented and gain a strong feeling of ownership of their language. In this book, a young black girl, teaches the reader signs such as COOKIE and HUNGRY. However, it is difficult to see her handshapes due to the lack of contrast between lines of drawing and the girl's skin color. 

On each page, the girl signs a word while standing next to a food-related item that corresponds to what she says. The pictures are mostly clear and colorful. 

Overall, the board book is simple enough for any parent and is suited for young children under three years old. 

In a nutshell:

  • Food items popular with babies and toddlers are included
  • Bright colors and arrows gain interest and show movement of the signs.
  • Facial expressions are present in the illustrations, a feature not often seen in ASL resources.
  • It can be difficult at times to see the signer’s handshapes.
  • Misinformation is in the summary; it states that using sign language will increase a baby’s IQ, which is not entirely accurate. If children stop using sign language as they grow up (past the baby signs), they will not receive these benefits.

More Information

  • Author: Tina Jo Breindel  
  • Illustrator: Michael Carter
  • Year Published: 2005
  • Board Book (with videotaped signs online)
  • Format: Dictionary/Vocabulary