Consultation Package

This does not include expediting a review, advertising, or other promotions on our network of sites. This service lets developers/publishers receive private feedback about their project and brand.

All services are customized, confidential, and entirely separate from any (current/future) reviews of the products. Our goal is to answer creative teams’ questions so they can make informed decisions about content.

Consultation Packages*:

Basic Plan -

Includes a brief written report based on the content creator or developer's questions, ideas, and plans. Entails 1-4 hours of research for up to 10-12 questions about any part of the app. This package includes follow-up emails for additional questions or clarification. This plan does not include any personal phone or video consultation. We also provide a consultation summary at the end of the report.

*Consultation can be purchased by the hour or on a case-by-case basis, depending on availability (via phone, video chat, or email) for an additional fee.

Beta Testing -

Includes 2-6 hours of testing the products and a written report detailing strengths and areas for improvement. Also comes with two detailed email or phone conversations for any follow-up questions.

All consultations are separate from our review and advertising services. If we review an app that has benefited from any of our beta testing or consultation services, we will disclose this at the end of the review.

Please email for pricing. Thanks.